Common Sense by Thomas Paine – Founding Fathers Collection Vol. 2


Common Sense was originally a pamphlet published during the time of the American Revolution. It calls for the immediate declaration of independence from Great Britain. Published in February of 1776, it precedes the actual Declaration of Independence by several months and influenced the other founding fathers of the necessity of separation. As a writer Paine is fiery and intellectual casting fireballs of condemnation towards those who would oppose a separation from Great Britain. Paine quotes history, poetry and even the King James version of the Bible in the establishment of his arguments.  
Common Sense is an absolute must-read for any history buff and for every American Citizen. Here are reviews on Common Sense from his contemporaries: 
“No writer has exceeded Paine in ease and familiarity of style, in perspicuity of expression, happiness of elucidation, and in simple and unassuming language.” 
- Thomas Jefferson 
“A pamphlet called ‘Commonsense’ makes a great noise. One of the vilest things that ever was published to the world. Full of false representations, lies, calumny, and treason, whose principles are to subvert all Kingly Governments and erect an Independent Republic.” 
- Nicholas Cresswell 
“I dreaded the effect so popular a pamphlet might have among the people, and determined to do all in my Power to counteract the effect of it.” 
- John Adams 
“Its effects were sudden and extensive upon the American mind. It was read by public men.” 
- Dr. Benjamin Rush 
“Have you read the pamphlet Common Sense? I never saw such a masterful performance.... In short, I own myself convinced, by the arguments, of the necessity of separation.” 
- General Charles Lee