The Life of Dr. Benjamin Franklin


The Life of Dr. Benjamin Franklin - Founding Fathers Collection Vol. 1

The Life of Dr. Benjamin Franklin has for years been considered essential reading for any educated American. Callahan Publishing proudly brings you this classic and essential work that we believe every American should read.

Not only is this work historically significant, but it gives historical context to the events leading up to the Revolutionary Period. Dr. Franklin witnessed and participated in the events that lead up to the Revolutionary War. But, beyond the war, there is a man, who with great humor and personal insight, writes down the events in his life as he sees them to be. Dr. Franklin was a leading mind in the American Enlightenment and his works political, moral, scientific, and public helped to shape and develop the world that we live in today. While Dr. Franklin's autobiography will always be unfinished, even in his uncompleted manuscript, you can gain great insight into his mind and what the driving forces in his life were.

We at Callahan Publishing invite you to open your mind, and travel back in time with a most gracious of hosts, Dr. Benjamin Franklin.